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Maintaining a bond with your children post-divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Child Custody |

Most couples enter marriage with the best of intentions. Marriage is a sign of commitment and a signal that two people intend to spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, many marriages just don’t work out and they end up in divorce.

For families with children, divorce is much more than a couple separating romantically. The entire family dynamic will change, with one spouse usually moving out of the family home.

That being said, it is possible to make a success of co-parenting post-divorce and maintain a strong bond with your child. Outlined below are some important factors to consider.

Make the most of technology

If you’re physically located in a different house or have to work away from home sometimes, it can feel challenging to keep your child close to you. Fortunately, technology can help with this somewhat. Video calls, virtual games and apps are fantastic ways to stay in touch with your kids and have some fun while doing so.

Start a new project together

Working on a project together is one of the most effective ways to build and maintain a strong bond with your child. For example, if you have moved into a new place, why not decorate their room together?

Your custody arrangement

The custody arrangement will set out how your relationship with your child will be structured post-divorce. The custody agreement needs to be in the child’s best interests, which should include you playing an active role.

If you’re unhappy with a current custody arrangement then you might be able to make adjustments. However, these must be done according to the law. Seek legal guidance to protect your rights during and after divorce.