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Thinking About Adopting? Consult Our Adoption Attorneys.

At Douglas Law, A Professional Corporation, we are effective and experienced advocates for stepparents, biological parents and grandparents. Throughout northeast Illinois, we represent a variety of interests in adoption cases. The circumstances of parents and children vary widely from case to case. Laws are complicated, but with the right legal representation, you can accomplish your goals in the best interests of the child effectively and efficiently.

Some biological parents may want to move forward with their lives and have their new spouse adopt their child when the other biological parent has long since disappeared, or a parent might want to protect their rights and re-establish a relationship with their children.

In either case, knowledgeable legal representation should be obtained to ensure laws are applied appropriately and that the best interests of children are served fairly.

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Compassionate, Professional Attorneys For Parents And Children

We have been practicing family law and resolving adoption issues for people in a variety of situations and fighting for clients’ rights in court, day in and day out, for many years. We work to help clients ensure that their children have supportive and caring environments to grow up in.

Gurnee Area Stepparent Adoption Lawyers

Children’s stability, security and opportunities are important. In certain cases, when a parent is unfit, a stepparent or grandparent may take on the responsibilities and wish to gain the corresponding legal rights as a parent of the child.

Generally, stepparent or grandparent adoption may be pursued if a parent is unfit. While there are many grounds under which a parent can be found unfit, if a parent has completely dropped out of the picture for years and has had little to no contact with their child, we can work with you to determine whether an adoption is feasible if that parent will not voluntarily consent to an adoption. We can put together what we need to present to the court to make it happen.

We can help you file a petition to adopt, and move forward to terminate parental rights and formally identify a stepparent as the child’s legal parent. We can achieve success together.

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