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Your Child Support Attorney In Lake County

Child support is calculated using a set of guidelines mandated by state statute. Generally, the guidelines take into account both parents’ income, how many overnights are spent at each parent’s house, and other factors.

However, the formula isn’t an exact science. A parent could be unemployed or underemployed. Income might fluctuate wildly. A parent might be self-employed and hide income.

If you are the paying parent, even if you are more than willing to provide for your children, it is important to be protected against overreaching. You must ensure that all of the factors under the law are considered when the child support figure is calculated so that your ability to provide for your day-to-day needs is not unnecessarily compromised.

If such problems arise, it is vital to have an experienced attorney by your side.

I have more than 25 years of experience as a trial attorney. I work to resolve divorce and family law issues every day for people in Bannockburn, Libertyville and all of Lake County, Illinois.

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Child Support Issues? Talk To A Child Support Modification Lawyer.

Even though child support is paid from one parent to the other, child support is intended to provide for the needs of children. It is important that the obligation to pay child support be established with care, and it is equally important that this same care be taken when child support payments are modified.

If you believe your support payments require modification, contact me right away. No matter what reasons exist to increase or decrease the payments, if there is no request before the court to modify child support, with notice of your request issued to the other parent, the payments are “locked in” and cannot be changed in the future. This can result in receiving too little child support or accruing substantial arrearages for nonpayment, even if you cannot pay.

There are several reasons to modify, appeal or enforce support payments such as:

  • Job loss or change
  • Refusal to pay
  • Income change
  • Changes to parenting plan or custody
  • Changes to children’s needs

We can often find reasonable resolutions to your child support issues, but I am able to fight for your best interests if necessary.

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