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New tax code strips 'silver lining' from spousal maintenance

Few would argue that divorce is a simple process. Even within the context of an amicable divorce, certain issues can arise that may threaten to derail cooperative tendencies that the parties might have had at the start.

Most readers are likely aware by now about the tax code overhaul that Congress was able to enact. It was signed into law late last year, but one provision of the law doesn't take effect until January 2019. In the wake of the law's passage and in advance of that one provision coming, many family law observers are raising warnings about the implications for divorcing couples.

Make the most of your parenting time

Your parenting time, or custody arrangement, is finalized and the divorce process is as well. Now is the time for you and your kids to get settled into the new normal. If you are the parent with less time with the kids, you may be wondering how to make the most of the time you do have with the kids. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your parenting time.

Keep the Focus on the Kids

Valentine's Day and the cycle of domestic violence

Although there have been stories circulating that say otherwise, in fact, Valentine's Day is a day in which there are relatively few incidents of domestic violence that get reported, the others being the major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If a Lake County, Illinois, resident, understands how the cycle of domestic violence works, however, it may make more sense that the day which is all about relationships is not a day where actual domestic violence seems prevalent.

How do I change a child custody order?

The good news and the bad news for Illinois parents, depending on how they like their child custody orders, is that they are relatively easy to change as compared with other court decision and agreements.

This is because the focus of a custody and visitation decision, called a parenting time allocation in Illinois, is to always keep the best interest of the child at the forefront, and the best interest of the child can change with circumstances.

Basic rights, options for domestic violence victims

It is an unfortunate reality that, despite all of the awareness campaigns and other efforts, some relationships wind up marred by domestic violence.

These sorts of family situations, when they are intertwined with a divorce or child custody proceeding, require some special sensitivity in order to ensure the safety and protection of victims. In particular, it is important for victims to understand exactly what options they have in the event they need assistance in getting out of a dangerous situation while protecting their legal rights.

Enforcing a child custody order

While one hopes that Lake County, Illinois couples who are in a custody dispute will resort to the courts to sort out their issues, such is sadly not always the case.

There are many times in which a parent chooses to take matters in to his or her own hands regarding custody and parenting time by denying visits to the other parent. On the other hand, a parent who does not have the child most of the time may refuse to return the children after a visit or, worse, simply try to hide the children and assume child custody by force.

Why it is important to immediately file a support modification

Many parents in Waukegan, Illinois, and the surrounding parts of Lake County have child support obligations, but they are, at least in some respects, simply another bill. Perhaps, because they figure the support is going to help their children, they just pay the weekly amount as it comes due, even if they have experienced a job loss or some other big change that makes it hard for them to pay the support.

While there may be noble intentions behind this, or it may be that the parent simply lacks the time to deal with support issue, there are a couple of legal risk to waiting to ask for a child support modification that one is eligible to receive. For instance, in Illinois, the general rule is that support modifications are not retroactive. In other words, a parent cannot claim that he or she should have support reduced before the day he or she notified the other parent that he or she had filed the appropriate motion with the court to have the order changed.

Why it may be important to have an attorney in a stalking case

A previous post on this blog discussed what Illinois courts will consider "stalking" when they are being asked to issue what Illinois law calls a Stalking No Contract Order. The good news for Lake County residents is that such an order is powerful legal medicine. While a judge cannot force a person to stay away from his or her victim, they can give law enforcement the tools they need to stop such behavior by making an arrest and filing serious criminal charges against a stalker.

The problem though, is that stalking is not always the easiest thing to prove in court. The reason is that not every type of behavior, even if it makes someone uncomfortable or even if it is a little frightening, is going to be considered "stalking" since people have rights to be in public and interact in society.

What constitutes stalking in Illinois?

This blog has discussed on previous occasions how, following the end of a relationship, or in the course of an abusive relationship, one party may attempt to follow the other person around or otherwise make it clear to that other person that they are constantly lingering.

Being followed would make anyone uncomfortable, but that is especially so when that person is trying to get out of a relationship which in many cases was unhealthy or even abusive.

Getting the right value on a family business

Many husbands and wives in Lake County are not only run their households and families together but also work together, oftentimes with other relatives, to manage a family business. In many cases, these businesses are the couple's primary source of income and are also the family's most valuable asset.

Unlike large, publicly traded corporations, though, family businesses are hard to put a value on. There is simply no equivalent to a share of stock with set market price or even the equivalent of a Kelley Blue Book or set of real estate listings where one can turn and easily calculate how much their share in the family business is worth.

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