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Questions About Divorce Or Significant Decision-Making Responsibilities (Formerly Known As Child Custody)?

I work hard to help my clients navigate the divorce process with confidence. Divorce is difficult, but as your lawyer I will take as much of the burden from your shoulders as possible. If you have children, their interests should be your priority.

Whether working toward a settlement or preparing for trial, I strive to obtain the best possible results for my clients. I am responsive and attentive to client needs every step of the way. Protecting your children, finances and assets is the job of an experienced and devoted Libertyville-area divorce attorney.

I have been practicing law in Illinois since 1991. My practice is concentrated on resolving family law issues in Lake County and surrounding areas with efficiency and effectiveness.

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Can I File For An Uncontested Divorce?

If you and your spouse can reach agreement on every issue, your case can be resolved without the cost and emotional strain of contested hearings or a trial.

However, when people try to file for divorce and resolve their marital separation issues on their own and problems arise down the road, they often realize that their agreements are lacking. They realize that they would have been better able to protect their interests and their children’s interests if they had worked with an attorney to put together the agreement.

Still, working with an attorney does not inevitably lead to high conflict and exorbitant legal fees. I can work to resolve matters outside of the court process so that in the best scenario you only have to make a single court appearance to present your agreement. You will have to consider things you may not have thought of before such as:

  • How will you afford supporting two individual households rather than one?
  • How will your business be affected?
  • What does Illinois law say about property division?
  • How will your retirement accounts be affected?
  • Who gets the kids on which nights of the week?
  • What if you or your spouse wants to move away?
  • Who will have the significant decision-making responsibilities for the children?

While Illinois no longer provides for joint or sole custody, you still must consider which parent should be allocated significant decision-making responsibilities in connection with the children.

What Was Difference Between Joint Custody And Sole Custody, And Has This Changed?

Joint legal custody involved both parents making major parenting decisions together, and sole legal custody was the opposite of joint legal custody: One parent made all the major parenting decisions.

But yes, this has changed.

Now, parents are awarded significant decision-making responsibilities. The main responsibilities relate to educational issues, medical decisions, religious upbringing, and extracurricular activities. Also, no longer does one parent have custody and the other parent have visitation. Now, both parents have parenting time, even if one has much more parenting time than the other.

While taking away the old labels hopefully takes away the stigma of not having “custody” or merely having “visitation”, like with the old law, the interests of the child remain paramount and it is important to have an experienced attorney advocating on your behalf for the best interests of your children.

Your Significant Decision-Making Responsibilities/Child Custody Attorney Is Just A Phone Call Away

I have more than 25 years of experience in the courtroom, and I work every day to resolve family matters successfully with a wide range of client concerns. Contact me today for an free initial consultation. Call my Bannockburn office at 847-908-3955.