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An Experienced Family Law Attorney

I am Illinois family law attorney Dwayne Douglas.

With more than 25 years of legal experience as a Lake County lawyer, I have earned a reputation for personalized service that provides my clients with the support they need to successfully navigate difficult legal issues. Family law is a delicate area of the law, and emotions between opposing parties can often run very high. As my client, I will work with you to manage the differences between you and your former spouse/partner while protecting the best interests of your children and your financial future.

Affordable, Compassionate Legal Representation

I am committed to providing each of my clients with the best possible legal counsel and representation available. I serve clients throughout Bannockburn. I sculpt my approach to problem-solving to meet the particular needs of you and your family. Even if you live out of state, my law firm can represent you.

Contact me today at 847-908-3955 to schedule an free initial consultation. You deserve an experienced Illinois trial attorney who is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve your best possible outcome.

My Family Law Practice Areas

I concentrate my practice on family law because it is what I know best. I have a passion for helping families move past legal issues by putting together workable and sensible agreements whenever possible, and vigorously advocating for my clients’ rights whenever necessary.

I will help you find an effective resolution and ensure legal protections whether matters are contested, uncontested or significantly complex in any family law matter.

Divorcing? Some Considerations.

If you have children and are divorcing, then the issues of divorce and custody go hand in hand. For the noncustodial parent, visitation and parenting time must be ironed out, as well as issues of significant decision-making responsibility, as circumstances change.

These divorce-related parental obligations are weighty ones, and only make sense when it is certain who the father is. With the responsibilities of fatherhood also come rights. The same is true of mothers; they have mothers’ rights.

However, if it is not clear who the father is, then paternity needs to be legally established, to ensure the right man fulfills his obligations.

Deciding whether or not alimony or spousal support is paid and, if so, how much and for how long are also divorce issues, in some situations.

Once made final, the divorced individuals now have specific legal obligations, to each other and to their children. However, since life and circumstances do change as the years roll by; the divorce decree is subject to enforcement, modifications and appeals. Or if a job situation changes and the custodial parent is planning on moving to another state, the court may grant this relocation and change the orders related to the children. (In addition to serving families by helping them through divorce, I also do adoptions.)

Schedule Your free consultation With A Parental Rights Attorney

Do you have questions about your particular case? Does your matter fall outside of these areas? I can help you get the answers you need. Contact me today for a free consultation. Call my office at 847-908-3955.