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Understanding Grandparents’ Rights In Illinois

There are many situations in which a grandparent may want or need to step into a parenting role. Sometimes, a difficult family situation may force grandparents into researching ways to spend more time with their grandchildren.

These are normal concerns. As experienced family law attorneys, we have helped grandparents in Lake County and the surrounding community for more than 35 combined years.

Knowledgeable Guidance On Issues Concerning Grandparents And Grandchildren

Typically, grandparents were expected to have contact with their grandchildren by coordinating with one or both parents by agreement. However, there are several scenarios in which a grandparent may seek visitation or other rights as they relate to their grandchildren who are one year old or older and when there is an unreasonable denial of visitation by a parent that causes undue mental, physical or emotional harm to the child, for example:

  • The parent has passed away or has been missing.
  • The parent is incarcerated or legally incompetent.
  • The parent is otherwise unable to care for the child.

An experienced lawyer, however, can walk you through the situation and help you determine if you have legal standing to seek visitation rights (or other privileges) as they relate to your grandchild.

Illinois law requires grandparents to prove they have legal standing to seek visitation, in addition to proving that withholding visitation will cause harm to the child. The courts may then consider a number of points, including the child’s preference and their mental and physical health.

Whatever the situation, different concerns will need to be balanced. We can review your case and outline all your options so that spending time with your grandchild is no longer delayed or encumbered by the legal system.

Have A Question About Grandparents’ Rights? Call Experienced Family Law Attorneys.

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