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As A Father, You Have Rights. Protect Them.

Fathers should have the same rights to take active and meaningful roles in their children’s lives that mothers do.

If your rights as a father are being denied, it is important that you consult with a family law attorney who has experience representing fathers and mothers as soon as possible.

Balanced Perspective | Knowledgeable Representation

I represent the rights of fathers and mothers day in and day out, and I have been a trial attorney fighting for my clients’ rights for more than 25 years in the Lake County and surrounding communities. I am familiar with the tactics used to deny fathers their parenting rights, and I am prepared to help you protect your rights in a host of family law matters while considering your children’s best interests, including:

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Asserting Your Rights As A Father

The issues of decision-making power are often at the center of these disputes. If a parenting plan will not work or has not worked as planned, you need an advocate to help you enforce your rights. A former spouse or partner may not cooperate without the efforts of an experienced attorney at your side.

I can prepare your case for mediation, negotiation or litigation. Our priority will be to act in the best interests of your children and to craft or modify your parenting plan based on the specific needs of your family. We can discuss your particular circumstances in detail and craft a strategy to effectively resolve your parenting issues in a timely manner.

Protect Your Father’s Rights. Call Me, A Father’s Rights Lawyer.

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