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Put Experienced Maintenance/Alimony Lawyers On Your Side

Maintenance (also known as spousal support and formally known as alimony) can be awarded under certain circumstances. There is a formula for maintenance that applies to most middle-class families: 30% of the paying party’s income, minus 20% of the receiving party’s income, so long as this isn’t more than 40% of the combined incomes. There is also a guideline for how many years you pay. But if the guideline is unfair, whether because as the spouse needing maintenance, the guideline is inadequate, or because as the paying party, the guideline is excessive and unreasonable given your individual circumstances, you need an experienced maintenance attorney at your side.

Cooperation makes many aspects of the divorce process more efficient and less costly, but working with a lawyer who is willing and able to assert your position is critical to your success.

As maintenance/alimony attorneys, we have more than 35 combined years of experience advocating for the best interests of clients, and we work every day through a wide variety of issues in divorce cases with offices in Bannockburn, Illinois.

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Maintenance/Spousal Support Attorneys Advocating For Your Standard Of Living

Especially with a guideline, calculating spousal maintenance is a significant issue, and its accuracy is critical to maintaining your quality of life whether you are seeking an award of maintenance or being asked to pay maintenance.

We will work to fully understand your objectives and protect your advantage to the fullest extent possible. Sacrifices may be necessary from both spouses, but you should not have to lose your shirt or struggle disproportionately compared to your spouse.

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