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Your Mothers’ Rights Lawyer

Mothers have the same rights to allocation of significant decision-making responsibilities (custody) and parenting time that fathers do. However, while mothers frequently are seen as given preferential treatment by the courts, that’s not the case.

Your rights require protection if the father fights and claims that he should have an allocation of decision-making responsibility for the children, even if you have been the primary caretaker for your children in the past.

If you are concerned about your rights as a working mother or as a single mother during or after a divorce, it is important to address these concerns. It is critical to make a plan with an experienced lawyer who is familiar with representing both mothers’ and fathers’ rights.

Knowledgeable Representation For Mothers And Fathers

As a mother’s rights attorney, I represent the rights of mothers and fathers in northeast Illinois every day, and I have been fighting for my clients in courts for more than 25 years. I am familiar with the tactics used by each side, and I can advocate for the best interests of you and your children in family matters, including:

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Get Answers To Your Questions

Support and decision-making power disputes (formerly referred to as “custody” in Illinois) are usually the central focus in parental rights matters. Together, we can address every issue you are facing. I will work with you to sculpt a strategy that leads to a parenting plan agreement or a court order that protects your children and asserts your parental rights.

Through mediation, negotiation or litigation, I can apply the appropriate amount of legal pressure to secure your best possible outcome. I will guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions to reach your objectives as a parent working in the best interests of your children. I understand how precious they are to you. Their protection and needs through this process are paramount.

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