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Experienced Guidance Regarding Orders Of Protection

In some cases, a situation may escalate to the point of requiring an order of protection. An order of protection can help an individual who is living in fear of harm or stalking get some peace of mind while other family law issues are ongoing.

As an attorney with over 25 years of experience in family law, I have assisted clients in Bannockburn and throughout Lake County deal with all the issues relating to orders of protection, from requesting one to defending those who may have been wrongfully accused.

Answering Questions Surrounding An Order Of Protection

Orders of protection can be issued to individuals such as a parent, spouse, ex-spouse, intimate partner or anyone with whom the victim has a relationship through a child.

Typically, such an order can mandate a person to:

  • Stay away from the person issuing the order
  • Avoid all contact (telephone, mail, email or otherwise) with the victim
  • Stay away from property
  • Move out of a shared home
  • Pay child support

More often than not, an individual will seek an emergency order. Whether or not an emergency order is entered, after the other party receives notice of the case, a hearing may take place with the other person present, at which point a judge can decide if an order or protection should be in place for up to two years. Whether it’s an order of protection or a no-contact order, you may need the help of a lawyer who can review the details and present all the available options.

If you’ve experienced abuse, or believe you have been falsely accused, I can help.

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