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Is there a time when you know that divorce won’t happen?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Divorce |

Most people are conscious of the fact that the divorce can happen. They’ve seen the statistics. But they often think of divorce as something for young couples who made a mistake. Maybe they rushed to get married when they were in college, for instance, and realized that it just wasn’t an ideal pairing as they grew up.

But the other side of this assumption is that people will sometimes believe that divorce isn’t going to happen if they can stay married for a certain amount of time. You may have heard of the concept of the seven-year itch, which suggests that people will seek out new relationships after seven years. But is there a point where you would have gotten through these hurdles when you know that you will not get divorced? Does divorce rarely happen to older couples?

Gray divorce is actually on the rise

Interestingly, so-called “gray divorce” has actually been on the rise lately. This is divorce for those who are in the age group including adults who are 50 and older. Many of them are part of the Baby Boomer generation. Their divorce rate has been going up while the divorce rate for younger couples has been going down.

There are many different reasons for this, including the changing stigma of divorce and the way that society views it. Changes to life expectancy have also begun to play a role. Health issues involved with aging may spur divorce, for example.

But the big thing to remember is that divorce is something that can happen to any couple, at any age. You always want to make sure that you know about your legal rights and the options you have.