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Signs that you and your spouse are drifting apart

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Divorce |

In some cases, divorce happens simply because two people have drifted apart over time. There isn’t a big issue they can’t resolve, and there’s no dramatic incident where one person decides to end the relationship – such as an affair. Instead, they slowly just realize that they don’t feel connected anymore and that they would no longer like to be married.

It can be important to know what signs you will see if this is happening because it may be an indicator that your spouse is going to file for divorce. Knowing that it’s coming in advance helps you gather the paperwork and take other steps to prepare.

Issues couples often report

To help you identify this issue in your own marriage, here are some things that people often cite when this happens to them. Signs they were drifting apart include:

  • Working longer hours
  • Preferring to spend time at the office or with friends
  • Getting into disagreements about minor issues
  • Experiencing no physical or emotional intimacy and feeling more like roommates
  • Not doing favors for each other without being asked
  • Generally spending less time together and viewing it as a chore, not a choice

If you see these issues showing up in your own marriage, you may feel that you and your spouse are drifting apart and that you would both be happier going your separate ways. Make sure you know exactly what legal steps are necessary to do so. You may also want to consider things like taking an inventory of your assets and gathering important financial documents to prepare for that divorce.