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Illinois grandparents get full consideration for child custody

Divorce can deal a hard blow to children, especially young ones. If the home environment is angry and hostile, children can become insecure and anxious about the future. They begin to wonder who will take care of them and where they will live. These basic questions can scare children until they have answers. Fortunately, courts use the guideline of putting the best interests of children ahead of all other factors when they consider which parent will get child custody and which parent will pay child support.

Child support attorneys handle modification requests with care

As many Illinois residents who have gone through divorce know, children often have a hard time adjusting to life once their parents separate. The often feel insecure, especially when there are no clear answers to such questions as, who is going to look after us?

Resolving child support issues in Lake County, Illinois

Among the various aspects of family law, child support is one of the most discussed, which is likely due to its direct impact on the best interests of children. For many children and custodial parents in Lake County, Illinois, child support is vital for meeting the educational, medical care and day-to-day expenses of a child. Therefore, if the non-custodial parent falls behind on payments, both the state and the custodial parent should take action to restore support for the child.

Child support modification under Illinois law

Child support is a basic right for all minor children and, in the event of a divorce, it may be determined in a court of law. Keeping in mind the best interest of the minor child, non-custodial parents may be ordered by a court or arbitrator to pay child support. In many cases, unwed parents may also be asked to pay child support, if paternity has been established or acknowledged according to Illinois law.

A few notes on child support in Illinois

In Illinois, or elsewhere in the United States, a child is entitled to child support from his or her parents, should they divorce. The money that a non-custodial parent pays goes to provide food, clothing, education and everyday expenses, known as child support.

Child support and divorce

Child support is considered a fundamental duty of every parent to his or her children. This is why you can be required to pay child support even if you have never been married, as the obligation stems from being a parent, not from being married. And this is why it is virtually impossible to avoid a child support obligation. If you owe back child support payments you cannot discharge them in a bankruptcy, and your paycheck, bank accounts, tax refunds and lottery winnings can be garnished. 

Can you reduce a child support payment?

In Illinois, when a parent believes they can no longer afford their child support, they can request a modification. In order for a court to grant such a modification, the parent must show a substantial change in circumstances justifying the modification of the child support obligation.

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