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Enforcing Illinois support orders if a payer crosses state lines

Non-custodial parents in Lake County, Illinois, may be aware that refusal to pay child support is illegal in every state. Payers in arrears may be subject to federal prosecution if payment has not been made for more than one year or the amount owed exceeds $5,000. Defaulters may be fined or serve time in jail for six months. Default status of more than two years and $10,000 owed is considered a criminal misdemeanor and the defaulter may be fined and serve a jail term of two years.

Child support attorneys handle modification requests with care

As many Illinois residents who have gone through divorce know, children often have a hard time adjusting to life once their parents separate. The often feel insecure, especially when there are no clear answers to such questions as, who is going to look after us?

When are federal child support enforcement laws imposed?

Child support delinquency is considered a serious offense. Most child support matters fall under Illinois state laws. However, some rare cases fall under the jurisdiction of federal child support enforcement laws. Title IV Part-D of the Social Security Act requires that agencies operating under it aid state agencies, custodial parents and others in enforcing a child support order.

Resolving child support issues in Lake County, Illinois

Among the various aspects of family law, child support is one of the most discussed, which is likely due to its direct impact on the best interests of children. For many children and custodial parents in Lake County, Illinois, child support is vital for meeting the educational, medical care and day-to-day expenses of a child. Therefore, if the non-custodial parent falls behind on payments, both the state and the custodial parent should take action to restore support for the child.

How can someone receive child support services in Illinois?

According to federal law, all states must provide child support services to families, no matter whether they receive public assistance. Child support services in Illinois are administered by the Department of Health Care and Family Services Division of Child Support Services.

Child support modification under Illinois law

Child support is a basic right for all minor children and, in the event of a divorce, it may be determined in a court of law. Keeping in mind the best interest of the minor child, non-custodial parents may be ordered by a court or arbitrator to pay child support. In many cases, unwed parents may also be asked to pay child support, if paternity has been established or acknowledged according to Illinois law.

A few notes on child support in Illinois

In Illinois, or elsewhere in the United States, a child is entitled to child support from his or her parents, should they divorce. The money that a non-custodial parent pays goes to provide food, clothing, education and everyday expenses, known as child support.

Man owes $18,000 in child support payment

Many Illinois residents would agree that children are often just as affected by a divorce than the couple who is going through the divorce. To help keep the children's lives in order, child support is often required. Yet, many non-custodial parents fail to fulfill their child support payment responsibilities. Take for instance, a man who, while behind bars, continued to receive a notice from the Illinois Department of Healthcare that he has missed out on child support payments. To date, he owes around $18,000 in child support.

Unpaid child support in Illinois stands above $3 billion

Many Illinois residents would agree that a divorce can be especially hard on the children of a marriage. As a couple fights over alimony and custody rights, the children from that marriage fear the worst. They are unsure about who they will live with and where they will have to live, while their custodial parent worries about monthly payments and health care. Therefore, parents should not fight over child support, and any issue regarding child support should try to be settled amicably.

Chicago man faces charges for unpaid child support

The money that custodial parents in Illinois and other states receive from noncustodial parents is meant to meet a child's everyday expenses. These arrangements are ordered by courts to ensure that children have a chance at developing without living in poverty. When a custodial parent does not receive a monthly child support payment, however, household finances are strained and the child's best interests are jeopardized.

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