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Finding the best resolution for any child custody dispute

Most divorces are emotionally challenging, especially when children are involved. As spouses separate, there are specific issues to consider related to the children, including child custody and child support. In Illinois, like elsewhere in the country, family law courts follow the time-honored principle of meeting the best interests of every child. This principle is firmly in mind when a judge establishes a custody arrangement and establishes child support. In some cases, one parent gets sole custody, but in others the two parents will share custody.

Relocation or removal of a child from Illinois can be difficult

Often, after a divorce, separating spouses in Illinois choose to move to another city, or even leave the state. Relocation may seem like a smart decision considering the various emotional challenges couples face after divorce. Most court decisions do not dictate how divorced spouses should deal with these challenges. However, if one parent plans to relocate to another state with a child, particularly if that child was born to parents who were not married, the situation is more complicated because a number of state and federal laws must be considered.

Relocation of a child from Illinois needs court's approval

Residents of Lake County, Illinois, love their families and for healthy mental, physical and emotional growth, children need the love and support of both parents, even in the event of a divorce.

Mother ordered to relocate, enroll children in previous school

Many parents in Illinois experience child custody and relocation following a divorce. In nearby Wisconsin, to keep the best interests of the children in mind, a recent judgment by an appeals court ordered a mother of two autistic children to move back to the state and enroll her children in their previous school.

Illinois child custody and the "best interest of the child"

Child custody is often a hard and long battle fought during a divorce proceeding. The Illinois courts usually look after the best interest of the child when determining custodial issues. There are various forms of child custody, from joint custody to sole custody, and the court reviews each case specifically in order to determine who should get custody of the child.

State of Illinois debates child custody issue

Illinois couples often have to grapple with the unfortunate reality that after a divorce, both partners may no longer have equal time with their children. In fact, Illinois law is still trying to determine how ex-partners best can maintain a seamless relation with their kids. It is difficult to frame child custody plans, however, since a child cannot be with both parents at the same time.

Who's picking up the kids at swimming?

Much of family law that deals with children operates under the guiding principal of "the best interests of the child." This seems like a good starting point. However, as with many things related to family law, just how one achieves this "best interest" is a matter of great debate.

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