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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that occurs outside of the courtroom and utilizes a neutral third-party to facilitate communication and negotiation between the parties. The goal of mediation is to reach an equitable, legally sound, and mutually acceptable agreement.

What is the Mediation Process?

The mediation process involves both parties, separately and together, meeting with a specially trained divorce mediator who will guide the spouses in reaching agreements related to property division and child-related issues. The parties identify the issues that need to be resolved, gather the information needed to address the issues, develop potential solutions, and ultimately arrive at a mutually acceptable solution or agreement. Contrary to divorce litigation that involves a Judge making findings and rulings on issues in dispute, the cornerstone of divorce mediation is resolution through compromise and agreement.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation provides a more collaborative approach to a dissolution proceeding and frequently saves significant time, money, and emotional distress. Spouses who participate in mediation to resolve disputes often begin their life as “former spouses” with much less anger, animosity, and hostility towards their former partners. Mediation also offers parties more control over the outcome of the proceedings and a faster resolution of the case. Mediated agreements can also facilitate fewer disputes down the road as the issues in controversy were resolved by the parties themselves as opposed to by a judge imposing a resolution that may not have been to the liking of either party.

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