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Is mediation always a good option?

When you finally realize there is no saving your marriage, it makes sense to learn about the ways you can get a divorce. Like other Illinois residents, you may understand that in addition to litigation, you can consider alternative dispute resolution means, such as mediation. However, you also need to understand that being successful in an uncontested divorce depends on several factors.

Can I get retirement benefits from my ex-spouse?

If you supported your ex while he or she was going through college, and then stayed home to raise the children during your marriage, it’s understandable that you would feel cheated now that you are divorced and you can’t look forward to a secure retirement. You and other Illinois residents may wonder what to do now that retirement benefits seem to be off the table.

Grandparents with custody face different challenges

It can be difficult raising a grandchild. At the Law Offices of Dwayne Douglas, P.C., we understand that there are many older residents in Illinois and elsewhere who are raising their children’s children. If you are a custodial grandparent, you face numerous challenges, both physical and emotional, that are different from when you raised your own children.

If you don't like a judge's decision, what can you do?

Family law matters are some of the most important legal issues that residents in Lake County or other parts of the Chicago area will face in their lives. After all, family law issues like custody and visitation can affect a parent's relationship with his or her child, a relationship which most if not all Illinois residents consider more important than any amount of money. Also, even financial matters like child support can have a profound impact on a family.

What types of adoption are available?

One of the greatest joys in life is welcoming a new child into your family. But, there are many situations where natural birth is not an option for a couple, or it is not preferred. For couples who wish to help an orphaned, abandoned or abused child without a family, for couples who are not able to have a child together and for gay couples, there are various options available for adoption.

Same-sex couples still face biases in the adoption process

The rights of same-sex couples in Illinois have expanded with 2015's legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide. While this and other rights may give same-sex couples a greater opportunity to adopt a child if they so choose, unfortunately social biases still exist that may prevent them from doing so, despite the fact that thousands of children nationwide are in need of parents.

How does Illinois law address grandparents' rights?

Whether it is baking cookies with grandma or going fishing with grandpa, children in Waukegan often benefit from a grandparent's love. Grandparents pass on their wisdom to their grandchildren, and provide a sense of history and belonging. The grandparent-grandchild relationship is important to nurture. However, sometimes this relationship is disrupted, and a grandparent is being kept away from his or her grandchild. When this happens, grandparents in Waukegan may wonder if they have the right to go to court to pursue visitation rights.

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