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Valentine's Day and the cycle of domestic violence

Although there have been stories circulating that say otherwise, in fact, Valentine's Day is a day in which there are relatively few incidents of domestic violence that get reported, the others being the major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Why it may be important to have an attorney in a stalking case

A previous post on this blog discussed what Illinois courts will consider "stalking" when they are being asked to issue what Illinois law calls a Stalking No Contract Order. The good news for Lake County residents is that such an order is powerful legal medicine. While a judge cannot force a person to stay away from his or her victim, they can give law enforcement the tools they need to stop such behavior by making an arrest and filing serious criminal charges against a stalker.

What constitutes stalking in Illinois?

This blog has discussed on previous occasions how, following the end of a relationship, or in the course of an abusive relationship, one party may attempt to follow the other person around or otherwise make it clear to that other person that they are constantly lingering.

Resources are available for visits after domestic problems

Although courts generally prefer it when both parents are able to see their children without supervision and also prefer it when parents are able to trade off their children without help, when there is a history of domestic violence or other abuse, this is not always possible. Fortunately, the Lake County courts have made arrangements with a local not-for-profit organization, which is dedicated to preventing domestic violence, to have a place where parents can go to have supervised visits or exchange their children without the risk of high conflict.

What the police can, and might not, do after domestic violence

Many people in Lake County and the rest of the greater Chicago area might not want to contact the police after their spouse or significant other physically or otherwise abuses them. For those who do take the courageous step of speaking up for themselves, it may be hard to understand what the police can and cannot do when they respond to reports of domestic violence.

The impact of emotional abuse

A previous post here discussed how, under Illinois law, a person need not be a victim of actual physical abuse in order to obtain a restraining order. Under the right circumstances, a person can still get a restraining order against a partner or former partner who engages in behavior that would best be described as "emotional abuse."

The grounds for a restraining order in Illinois

Previous posts here have discussed how an Illinois resident or someone else in the greater Chicago area who has been abused in some way may be able to get a restraining order from a court which prevents the abuser, even if he or she is a spouse or former spouse, from being around the victim and continuing to inflict abuse. Restraining orders can also be a valuable tool for ensuring the safety of children, especially since they can address important child custody questions.

How does a restraining order ensure the safety of children?

Previous posts here have discussed how a Lake County resident, or anyone in the greater Chicago area, who has been the victim of domestic violence can get help by going to court and getting a restraining order. If granted, a restraining order will require the perpetrator to stay away from the victim and, if it is violated, gives police the power to make an arrest, even if no further domestic violence actually occurs.

Stalking is a disturbing form of domestic violence

Although it might not involve any actual violence or even verbal abuse, "stalking" entails a person doing certain things to let the victim know that he or she is always there and watching them. It is a behavior designed to intimidate and cause a victim to fear for his or her safety, and is thus a form of emotional abuse.

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