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Why do-it-yourself divorces with children are dangerous

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

After years of marriage, you and your spouse agree to divorce. You worry about the associated costs with separation including buying new property, child support and even the division of your assets. You think that hiring an attorney to help you dissolve your marriage seems like an unnecessary expense.

Yet when dealing with children and custody, you prove devastatingly wrong. Although you and your ex-spouse agree that you want to share some custody, deciding this without the presence of an attorney may allow for confusion and heartache in determining a fair split. Especially when appearing in court for child custody arrangements, it is essential to have an experienced individual that fights for your custodial rights.

Divorce attorney benefits in Illinois

Understanding that child custody proceedings prove important for both you and your child may help you realize the benefits of hiring an attorney to help you in your Illinois custody battle. Three top reasons exist for leaving the hard work to your attorney.

1. Hiring a divorce attorney shifts your focus to your children.

Divorces take an emotional toll on individuals. If you are left skimming paperwork, working your job and making sure all necessary elements of your divorce are present, this may leave little time to spend with your children. Your relationship with your children is the reason you’re fighting, and your focus should be on continuing to bond with your children. Let the heavy lifting of organization and preparation fall on your attorney.

2. Divorce attorneys see upcoming issues and combat them.

You and your ex-spouse may be amicable, but divorce proceedings may lack compassion and understanding, especially involving child custody. Attorneys can identify when parenting time seems unfair, or anticipate when issues will arise. Attorneys can see when and if divorce proceedings turn for the worse and strive to combat the problems using pre-meditated tactics that you may not have thought of.

3. Divorce attorneys have years of experience and the implications of arrangements.

Most divorce attorneys have practiced for years. They have seen many cases and some may prove similar to your own. They understand exact implications of not submitting specific documents timely and the importance of obtaining certain rulings. Attorneys have direct knowledge of specific terms and the compassion to argue for your rightful custody – all while providing a smooth process and quick results.

The bottom line is that you do not want to make mistakes that could be detrimental to your child custody in Illinois. Determining custody proves an incredibly important process for your and your child’s future, and you want to refrain from missing deadlines or agreeing to an unfair custody arrangement. Attorneys can provide you the peace of mind that you have the best chance of obtaining the custody of your child.