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What are the facts about domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Firm News |

Domestic violence was becoming such a serious problem in the state of Illinois that in order to protect victims of domestic violence, state lawmakers passed the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986. The Illinois Supreme Court has supported the law with rulings of its own. According to the law, Illinois police officers are empowered to protect victims of domestic violence from the moment that they are made aware of any abuse.

What are some statistics about domestic violence? According to reports, a woman is beaten every 15 seconds in this country. Domestic violence causes more injuries than rape or mugging and these injuries need more medical attention. Two out of five women are murdered by their husbands and 95 percent of domestic assault cases involve a man beating a woman.

Abuse of women is not restricted to any class or gender. It happens to all races and at every educational and income level. Domestic violence incidences, if unchecked, become more frequent with the passage of time. The abuser may apologize, but that does not mean that the violence will stop. Children raised in an environment of domestic violence say they believe that domestic assault is normal and an acceptable way of controlling someone’s behavior. Studies have shown that violent offenders often grow up in domestic violence environments.

Violence is used to establish dominance over women. For domestic violence to cease, one myth about domestic violence that needs to be debunked is that no person has the right to interfere with a man’s family. Rather, no person has the right to beat another.

Another myth that needs to end is that a woman invites domestic violence by her behavior. Serving a cold dinner, allowing a child to cry or turning the TV channel are not valid reasons for violent behavior.

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