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What are reasons to modify child support arrangements?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Illinois residents like you understand that child support payments may need to be changed sometimes. At the Law Offices of Dwayne Douglas, P.C., we help walk you through the valid reasons for changing these payments, as well as the steps that must be taken to do so.

Guidelines are used to calculate child support payments, and they are considered to be relatively streamlined and good for setting a standard across the board. This keeps things fair for the parents who have to pay. But what if your situation changes? The formula used to determine child support may become outdated for several reasons, most of which are tied to big life changes that have impacted one or both spouse’s income. This can include things that both lower or raise it, such as:

  • Suddenly being let go
  • Getting a promotion
  • Marrying into another family with children to support
  • Having an accident or illness

Depending on what changes a person is faced with, their pay could take a serious cut or get a serious increase. Therefore, if a person making child support payments gets a pay cut, their child support payments may also be decreased. If a person receiving child support gets a pay raise, the supporting parent’s payment may also be decreased. However, if the person receiving support stays the same or gets a pay cut while the person paying gets an increase, they may pay more.

If you would like to look more into the topic of child support modification, you can follow the link here to our webpage for more information. Otherwise, you can contact us if you would like to speak with an experienced attorney about your unique situation.