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Valentine’s Day and the cycle of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Although there have been stories circulating that say otherwise, in fact, Valentine’s Day is a day in which there are relatively few incidents of domestic violence that get reported, the others being the major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If a Lake County, Illinois, resident, understands how the cycle of domestic violence works, however, it may make more sense that the day which is all about relationships is not a day where actual domestic violence seems prevalent.

There are three stages to the cycle of abuse. First, the relationship between the abuser, who, let’s face it, is much more likely to be male, and his partner starts to deteriorate. This puts a mounting stress an pressure on the man which the man does not deal with in an appropriate an mature way. Instead, he lashes out in violence toward the woman, hurting her.

Afterward, unless the woman is able to say firmly that “enough is enough,” the man will often beg forgiveness and treat the woman particularly well, even giving her special favor and gifts. This is when the woman will often think that the problem has solved itself and stay in the relationship. It’s not surprising that on Valentine’s Day, a couple may be in the third cycle, thus explaining why reports are lower on this day.

Ending domestic violence requires that the victim make a firm decision to put the cycle to the stop, even though the violence itself is certainly not her fault. In order to make this decision, though, legal help is often required with respect to matters like child custody and the removal of property from the family home.