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Unpaid child support in Illinois stands above $3 billion

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Firm News |

Many Illinois residents would agree that a divorce can be especially hard on the children of a marriage. As a couple fights over alimony and custody rights, the children from that marriage fear the worst. They are unsure about who they will live with and where they will have to live, while their custodial parent worries about monthly payments and health care. Therefore, parents should not fight over child support, and any issue regarding child support should try to be settled amicably.

However, many couples do not see eye to eye over child support. There are many parents who walk away from their children without even thinking about what would happen to them. According to government statistics in Illinois, more than $3 billion is owed in child support in the state.

Every parent that owes back child support knows that the amount owed continues to increase. For instance, an Illinois mother of two is owed nearly $30,000 in back child support. She says that her former husband has not even been in touch with her children for a very long time. The woman has an increasingly tough time paying the bills. On the other hand, her former spouse doesn’t believe that the family is going through a crisis and doesn’t seem remorseful about their situation. He says that he has a physical handicap and can’t work and has applied for social security benefits. He says that his present girlfriend is paying for all their expenses and he just cannot help it. The mother feels differently and believes that if she received back child support payments that she is owed, then she could have a more comfortable life with the children.

It should be pointed out that while the total amount of unpaid child support in Illinois stands at $3.2 billion, across the US the total figure stands at a whopping $116 billion. There are many Illinois custodial parents who now find themselves owed significant amounts of back child support and don’t know where they should turn for assistance in obtaining it. A good first step may be to consult an Illinois attorney who is experienced in child support matters. The meeting may present legal opportunities for custodial parents to obtain the funds that they so desperately need.

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