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Town President and wife move forward with divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Firm News |

It is not uncommon for couples in Illinois to decide that their marriage is no longer working out and they should part ways. Some are more prominent in the community and the divorce legal issues involve significant assets. Still others are relatively famous and the divorce dispute is one that will be discussed in the news with back-and-forth allegations compounding the inevitable divorce legal issues. Regardless of the wealth of the couple involved, or their social status, having legal help is an imperative.

Recently, the President of Cicero filed for divorce from his wife. The man, Larry Dominick, has had a long-running on-and-off relationship with his wife Elizabeth Dominick. Mrs. Dominick had filed for divorce in 2013, but stopped the proceeding. Mrs. Dominick had quit her job directing the town health clinic in July of 2012. She claimed that she suffered from mental abuse when the town failed to pay the bills for her department when they were due. In March of 2013, the couple reconciled, but Mr. Dominick filed to dissolve the marriage in October of 2015.

With the end of a marriage, it is unavoidable that there will be financial, personal and professional considerations. Perhaps the couple has substantial investments. Maybe one spouse has a higher earning potential and education than the other and support will be necessary. There might be children as part of a family and they will have to live with one parent with the other paying for upkeep. Divorces can be complex and this is especially true if it is a high asset divorce. Knowing one’s rights is the optimal way to ensure that no one is taken advantage of and the situation is dealt with fairly.

In this case, the flamboyant president of an Illinois town is divorcing his wife. The couple has had issues in the past and this new filing is again making headlines. No matter who is getting divorced, whether it is someone who is in political office, is wealthy or famous, one undeniable aspect is imperative, which is having legal help to move through the process.

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