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The best way to face inquisitiveness about a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Firm News |

The current marriage rate in the country is 6.8 for every thousand individuals, and the rate of separations and annulments is 3.6 per one thousand people, which is over 50 percent of all marriages. According to the statistical records available for 2011, close to 75,000 marriages were solemnized across Illinois in that year, and the number of divorces in the state in the same year was as high as nearly 35,000. The word divorce has nearly become an ordinary household term, and with time it has almost become a run-of-the-mill problem, casting aside the shock and the unpleasant surprise of the phenomena altogether.

However, the problems a separation can bring can only be felt and understood by the individuals going through it. A separation almost always takes an emotional toll and often leaves an indelible mark on the individuals involved for life. But, that does not keep bystanders from intruding, investigating and speculating about the matter even though the process is painful to those experiencing it.

It is likely that people will be asking questions which are insensitive, invasive and often offensive in nature, and probably bound to upset the person going through the experience. The best stance to take in such a situation where friends, family, colleagues and neighbors are asking uneasy questions is to craft a strong answer beforehand and to deflect the questions back at the people asking them.

This may sound like it is easier said than done, but it can be happen by quickly asking the other person pertinent questions about their health and wellbeing, how their children are or how their recent holiday was. It is important to remember that the events revolving around the divorce are private matters and nobody should be allowed to infringe upon an individual’s privacy in an unwanted manner.

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