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Representing those who need to appeal or change on order

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Firm News |

A previous post here discussed how a resident of the greater Chicago area or those who live in other parts of Illinois can appeal a family law decision if they do not like the result and feel that the judge has made a legal error in reaching it.

Our law office has over 20 years of experience representing Lake County and other Illinois residents who have been through a family law case and have wound up on the receiving end of a decision they do not like and do not feel they can realistically live with. We have helped people pursue their case in a higher court, and have experienced successful results in doing so.

The first thing we do before agreeing to appeal, however, is assess our client’s case to make sure it is indeed legally appealable, as it would be a profound waste of time to appeal something only to have the work disregarded. Moreover, we look at the practical aspects of appealing the case as well.

Many times, judge who hear appeals do not want to second-guess their colleagues who have already made a decision, and in many family law matters trial court judges have a lot of leeway, even the leeway to make decisions that might leave a lot of people scratching their heads. As a result, we cannot promise a win for everyone who wants to appeal, but we work hard to come to an honest assessment of one’s chances.

When we do take on an appeal, however, our clients can count on their appeals to be written and taken up in a timely, professional fashion consistent with Illinois law. We will work hard to make an effective case to the appellate court in our effort to get a good result.