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Planning your parenting time for the rest of the fall

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

With September over, the first month of school for your child after your divorce is done. It was difficult for you and your kid, but hopefully you are beginning to see some signs that they are becoming more used to the new status quo.

Now that you have an idea of what your child’s daily routine is like, October is the perfect time to discuss parenting time with your ex. There are several areas to cover and it can be awkward talking with your former spouse, but you are better off preparing now to avoid any more stressful situations for your family in the near future.

Holiday celebrations

Holidays tend to be a contentious subject in parenting plans given how they are some of the few times in the year where both the parent and child have time off. Some parenting plans in Illinois even specifically set up one parent to have time with the kid around Thanksgiving and Christmas. As joyous as these occasions can be, your child can feel a little despondent around these times as they feel they no longer have a whole family to celebrate it with.

If the proceedings did not specify which parent gets the child on Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will have to plan with your ex who gets the kid for what occasions. You can try to cheer up your child by celebrating the same holiday with them on a different day or establishing new traditions with them. Having something to look forward to from both parents can help them cope with the separation.

Extracurricular activities

The divorce could impact what your kid wants to do at school. If you and the other parent start seeing that your child has a waning interest in sports that they were involved in before the divorce, research what the school has to offer and encourage them to try out new activities without forcing them too much. Once they are involved in a new club or sport, it will greatly impact the schedule on their school days and weekends. Maybe they plan on playing soccer for the rest of October while showing some interest in Speech Club.

Regardless of what your kid chooses, you and your ex need to communicate with each other so you can properly alter your schedule to accommodate for your child’s needs. Try not to waste any parenting time you have, because both you and your kid might find more value in your moments together now more than ever. If you think you do not have enough time with your child, a family law attorney can help you request a modification on your parenting plan.