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Options if there is a tax refund intercept for child support

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Firm News |

When an Illinois resident is ordered to pay a certain amount to comply with a child support agreement and fails to do so, there are numerous actions that can be taken for child support enforcement purposes. One option that can be used by the state is intercepting tax refunds or money that the supporting parent is scheduled to receive. A parent who is informed that this is going to be done will often have questions about how to stop it.

If the parent was informed that this is about to occur and agrees that the payments are delinquent and the arrearage amount is accurate, the payment can be submitted by the date provided to prevent the money from being intercepted. There is a form on the last page of the notice that must be filled out when mailing in the payment authorization.

If the parent does not agree with the finding, he or she has to ask that the case be reviewed for redetermination within 15 days of the date on the notice so that the department does not take the enforcement action that is listed as set to occur. The parent must submit the notice and documentation supporting the position in an envelope that must say “confidential tax protest” and send to the applicable address. Only certain documents are acceptable and the correct ones must be sent.

Parents who are facing an allegation of delinquent payments and are about to have their tax refund or another payment intercepted to make the payments up to date need to understand what to do when dealing with the situation. Having help from an attorney who understands all aspects of child support, including various tactics used for child support enforcement, can help with this and any other matter than comes up.

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