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Navigating a family legal dispute in Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Firm News |

People in Illinois who have gone through a divorce and did not receive a result that was satisfactory to them might be under the impression that they have little recourse to deal with these complicated family legal issues. A hard fought divorce is frequently rife with a multitude of factors that are in dispute. When the decision is made by the court, there are options to try and appeal to seek a better result. Knowing how to go about this is often contingent on having sound legal advice.

There are numerous portions of a case that could be contested, such as the support or maintenance to the former spouse. A person who is supposed to be receiving payments could have trouble getting them and not know what to do. The court orders that are in place might be ignored by one or both parties. Or there could be a custodial agreement with one or both of the parents behaving in an uncooperative manner.

Children with visitation and custody come up on a regular basis as family law issues in dispute. One parent might not be satisfied with the amount of time he or she gets to spend with the child. The visitation schedule can be a source of tension. Whether it is enforcing an order or changing it, the relationship between the parties can be damaged beyond repair if the problems fester and there is no viable solution presented and put into action. Having legal assistance may help avoid contentious battles and perhaps help with settling the matter amicably or in a way that, at least, the parties are able to live with.

The common denominator with modifying, altering or contesting a settled divorce proceeding is to make sure the argument is based on sound legal principles. To ensure that this is the case, the participants may want to talk with a lawyer who is experienced in family law. With the right legal help, the process of trying to settle the disagreements can move forward.