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Man owes $18,000 in child support payment

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Firm News |

Many Illinois residents would agree that children are often just as affected by a divorce than the couple who is going through the divorce. To help keep the children’s lives in order, child support is often required. Yet, many non-custodial parents fail to fulfill their child support payment responsibilities. Take for instance, a man who, while behind bars, continued to receive a notice from the Illinois Department of Healthcare that he has missed out on child support payments. To date, he owes around $18,000 in child support.

During the time he was in prison, a period of 25 years, he was not able to pay a single penny of child support because he was not earning any real wage. His sole earnings were from small odd prison jobs. Yet when he was released after his sentence, he was still directed to pay. He could not pay, and had no money to fight his case.

After he was released, he re-established relationship with his two children and also spent time with his grandchildren. The man worked as a temporary worker in a steel manufacturing company and wanted to move from Illinois to live with his girlfriend. However, he soon realized that he was losing his job. His employer said that they would recommend him when he looked for a new job, but he left the job without a recommendation letter.

In certain situations, a parent may be eligible for child support modification. Factors like loss of employment, like the man in this situation, or a change in the needs of the child, may prompt a judge to order an increase in payments or a decrease in payments.

Whether a parent is looking to obtain missed child support payments, or a parent is seeking a decrease in child support payments, it may be helpful to speak with an attorney in an effort to figure out the best possible solution. Each divorced couple’s situation is unique, and both parents must remember to consider the best interests of the child when settling child support matters.

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