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Legal assistance with family law and the rights of fathers

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Firm News |

While it is often stated how important fathers are in Illinois, in cases involving children they are frequently viewed as secondary when family law relates to these matters. Fathers are supposed to have the same rights as the mothers and be allowed to have a significant role in the child’s life. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. For fathers who are seeking to have a dispute settled, would like to modify an agreement, or have concerns about various issues that will come up with a child, having legal help is imperative.

There are strategies that are used in cases where the mother is trying to prevent fathers from having the same rights as the mothers do. With that are methods to combat them. For fathers who are dealing with issues related to child support, parenting time or anything else, they have the right to have their voices heard. This is true whether the child was the result of a marriage or not and whose partners are no longer together.

These disagreements will often have a legal document that dictates how the situation is supposed to go. If the decision is ignored at the expense of the father’s rights, the father has the right to protest. Physical custody and the power to make decisions for the child’s best interests are matters that will come up. If the mother is not being cooperative and has no justification for doing so, the father can try to have the matter settled in the legal system. Options include mediating the case, negotiating it, or pursuing litigation.

For fathers who are concerned about their rights to their children being violated or are seeking help with any other family law issues that come to the forefront in a case, legal assistance is essential. Speaking to an attorney who is qualified to deal with matters of fathers’ rights and paternity is the first thing the man should do.