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How should I spend my children’s child support money?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

You might receive a great deal of unsolicited advice during your divorce. One topic that may cause you frustration is the issue of child support. As you know, the money you receive from your ex-spouse is meant for the benefit of your children. Your ex and others may have ideas on how you should spend the money. You and other custodial parents in Illinois may wonder if the courts or ex-spouses have any say in how you spend child support.

FindLaw explains that in normal cases, nobody can tell the receiving parent how to spend child support. In fact, acceptable uses for this money are widely varied, but they boil down to your children’s physical and emotional well-being. You might spend a portion of your child support check on household essentials, such as toilet paper, toothpaste, food and cleaning supplies. You could use it to pay rent and utilities, thus keeping your children comfortable with a roof over their heads. You may spend child support on school supplies, tutoring, extracurricular activities and clothing. You might also need it for medicine and doctor visits.

In terms of your children’s emotional needs, your options are also nearly unlimited. It is considered acceptable to spend child support on fun things for your children, such as birthday presents, movie tickets, restaurant meals and family trips.

When the court has no reason to believe your children’s needs are not being met, you will likely be left alone in regards to your child support money. The information presented in this blog should not replace the advice of an attorney.