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Finding the best resolution for any child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Most divorces are emotionally challenging, especially when children are involved. As spouses separate, there are specific issues to consider related to the children, including child custody and child support. In Illinois, like elsewhere in the country, family law courts follow the time-honored principle of meeting the best interests of every child. This principle is firmly in mind when a judge establishes a custody arrangement and establishes child support. In some cases, one parent gets sole custody, but in others the two parents will share custody.

Any divorcing parent who faces this issue needs the support of an experienced attorney. This professional not only can understand the parent’s needs but also help establish a custody arrangement and parenting plan that serves the best interests of the child while providing benefits to the parent, whether he or she has sole or shared custody.

The attorneys in the Law Offices of Dwayne Douglas, P.C., have decades of experience in handling such cases and have helped parents negotiate fair child custody arrangements, including parenting schedules and visitation time. Out-of-court negotiations may allow both parents to have more of a say in the final arrangement. Otherwise, a judge will determine the best outcome on behalf of the children involved.

In Illinois, parenting time is the arrangement applied in joint custody cases, and visitation is the arrangement where sole custody has been granted. In both cases, a court decision will typically detail how much time both parents will be able to spend with their children. It may help parents to get more information about child custody in Illinois by reviewing the information on the following website.