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Factors to consider when calculating alimony in Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Illinois law usually provides a divorced spouse a sum of money, most often paid monthly and usually identified as alimony, maintenance or spousal support. Typically, alimony is paid after a separation or a divorce and continues to be paid until the receiving spouse remarries or until the death of either spouse.

Generally, a judge will set the amount of the support payments when separating couples cannot reach a fair agreement between themselves regarding spousal support. If spouses cooperate with each other, reaching a reasonable agreement regarding alimony becomes easier, inexpensive and efficient.

When deciding alimony, compromises on the part of both spouses might be needed. However, that should not result in one spouse sacrificing more than the other. The outcome in any case must be reasonable and should not be in any way biased or unfair to one of the parties favoring another disproportionately. The attorneys at our firm have the integrity, honesty and experience to help spouses reach a fair agreement when parties cannot agree.

Crucial factors that may be considered when determining maintenance amounts are: the income of both divorcing parties, the duration of the marriage, the living standards enjoyed by the spouses during marriage and the basic operating costs and needs of the parties. Apart from these, the potential income of both parties must be also considered while calculating alimony.

If one spouse’s ability to earn has been affected by the marriage and the birth of children, this must be considered when arriving at an alimony amount. Additionally, contributions made toward the household while in the marriage must also be considered. For more information about setting alimony in Illinois, please visit our website.