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Experienced legal help in Illinois child custody cases

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Few issues are more difficult to deal with than when an Illinois couple shares a child but is no longer together. Custody of children will often be in dispute with ancillary issues coming to the forefront. Some parents will try to use the child as a weapon to hurt the other parent because of the manner in which the relationship came undone. Other parents will have viable reasons why they want to have the child the majority of the time with the other parent granted little, if any, time with the child.

Barring a situation in which the child’s safety is in peril or the parent is engaged in illegal activity, each parent will almost certainly be given an opportunity to maintain a relationship with their children. The best interests of the child is the most important factor. Children will have to go through the legal custody process as well and a prolonged legal battle can harm them significantly. However, parents might find themselves disputing a variety of issues including visitation scheduling, schooling and religious education and the child’s extracurricular activities.

Other problems can arise such as if a parent refuses to follow the child custody order. Before taking the law into one’s own hands in enforcing a child custody order, the parent should remember that the child might be upset and disrupted if the couple is embroiled in a dispute that grows to the degree where violations of the law are taking place. This is when it is even more imperative to have legal assistance. In some cases, the child custody dispute can be settled amicably if both parties take a step back and look at the situation reasonably. Regardless, one of the most important factors is understanding the law and having legal guidance.

When there is a child custody disagreement in progress or a couple is simply having trouble coming to a reasonable accommodation when each has the best interests of the child in mind, having assistance from an experienced attorney can help in all situations. That is the first call that parents should make when parting ways and hoping to have a solid relationship with the children and a cordial one with the other parent.