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Divorce and depression: the lesser discussed obstacle

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Severing ties in any relationship can be upsetting, but a divorce presents an entirely different world of stress. Even after the process is said and done, the psychological effects can last for months, and even years. The following takes a look at some strategies suggested by professionals to help newly divorced Californians get through this difficult life chapter.

In the whirlwind of paperwork, child custody plans and the search for new living spaces, it can become all too easy to forget about mental health. Psychology Today shares that one way to combat the tough emotional hurdles post-divorce is to remain active; this can be both physically and mentally. By occupying the mind with plans and positive thoughts, the newly divorced can put the past in the past. Dovetailing from this step, PT also encourages readers to seek out new communities. A divorce can seem to drain one’s youth in a matter of months, so why not revitalize a new hobby or pastime?

For some, a divorce can lead to more than a short period of unhappiness. PsychCentral provides some tips on dealing with depression after divorce, warning readers that any mental anguish left unaddressed could become all the more serious as time goes on. PsychCentral urges those struggling with depression to start with a simple task: writing. Writing a letter to oneself can uncover many embedded truths and thoughts, which can factor into the healing process. Again, human contact is never a bad idea after such a traumatic experience, and PsychCentral notes that reaching out to friends — even when it is the last activity that seems appealing — can work wonders for those going through divorce.