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Adequate guidance during divorce can help with child custody

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Many U.S. couples, including those of Lake County, Illinois, will agree that a divorce can present a unique set of challenges for spouses. A few of the complicated issues accompanying divorce are spousal support, child custody, child support and property division. In addition, couples may find it difficult to deal with these processes single handedly. Professional support is usually needed in all matters, including child custody.

An individual may face the least number of problems when he or she files for an uncontested divorce. These cases can be resolved without having to bear the cost and emotional strain of a contested trial. Admittedly, even in an uncontested trial, certain tricky issues are still involved, where one may need the help of an experienced attorney. Only a proficient practitioner can help the couple sail through the choppy waters of a divorce, and help settle issues like custody arrangements and spousal support peacefully. The attorney will help in any and all ways, so that the couple does not have to make multiple court appearances.

However, a person may still need to grapple with several tough issues. The questions that are on the minds of individuals are if they can support two individuals, if their business will be affected or not, as well as issues related to property division and custody of the children. It should be mentioned that in joint custody, both parents are still involved in major parenting decisions such as schooling, medical care and even issues related to religion.

But, a parent may gain sole physical custody, meaning that the child stays in that parent’s home. This parent would then receive child support payments from the other parent. The non-custodial parent usually retains visitation rights and still gets to enjoy parenting time. It is easy to see that these issues can be very sensitive and a spouse may need to look into getting the legal support of an experienced attorney.