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A few notes on child support in Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Uncategorized |

In Illinois, or elsewhere in the United States, a child is entitled to child support from his or her parents, should they divorce. The money that a non-custodial parent pays goes to provide food, clothing, education and everyday expenses, known as child support.

Child support can also include medical care costs. A child is entitled to child support until he or she turns 18. In Illinois, the amount paid as child support depends on the parents’ income and how many children they have.

There are certain guidelines that a judge follows while determining child support. If a parent has to support one child, then he or she needs to provide 20% of his or her income. The figure goes up to 28%, when there are two children to support.

For three children, it is 32% of the net income, for four children, it is 40% and for five, it is 45% of net income. If a parent has to support six children, then the amount of child support goes up to 50% of net income. Nonetheless, please, remember that every case is different.

According to the state, the parent’s net income includes salary, any bonuses and tips, overtime income, compensation benefits and disability payments. Net income also includes royalty income and rental income. If the parent has won money from the lottery or any other prize, that amount is also considered net income.

However, there are certain items that are not included in the net income. These include social security, retirement contributions, state and federal income tax and medical expenses. Parents should also understand that they do not need to pay child support, if the child enrolls in the military, gets married, starts working or becomes independent.

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