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Getting the right value on a family business

Many husbands and wives in Lake County are not only run their households and families together but also work together, oftentimes with other relatives, to manage a family business. In many cases, these businesses are the couple's primary source of income and are also the family's most valuable asset.

Resources are available for visits after domestic problems

Although courts generally prefer it when both parents are able to see their children without supervision and also prefer it when parents are able to trade off their children without help, when there is a history of domestic violence or other abuse, this is not always possible. Fortunately, the Lake County courts have made arrangements with a local not-for-profit organization, which is dedicated to preventing domestic violence, to have a place where parents can go to have supervised visits or exchange their children without the risk of high conflict.

Making the right choices with your custody relocation case

When an unmarried or divorced parent discovers he or she is going to have to move because of a job or some other important event in their lives, what happens next with respect to the allocation of parenting time and decision-making authority could be just as critical as when child custody and parenting time were first decided.

What rules apply if I need to move with my children?

Like other states, Illinois has laws in place that govern under what terms a single parent who is the primary caregiver of his or her children can move his or her family. These rules are in place to make sure the other parent gets treated fairly, as a move could affect that other's parent's parenting time with the children, as well as his or her overall relationship with them.

The reasons to involve an attorney in a custody mediation

A previous post here talked about under what circumstances it might be appropriate for a Chicago resident to mediate a child custody issue. As that post said, while in most cases mediation is a good way to head off an emotionally draining custody conflict, it is not always the best option for every circumstance.

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