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For child support, what counts as income in Illinois?

A previous post here reviewed the formula that Illinois courts use to determine how much child support a parent who does not have custody of his or her children is expected to pay. Part of that post mentioned that sometimes parents can dispute what numbers go in to those formulas and, specifically, how much income each parent makes.

Review of the Illinois child support guidelines

Like other states, Illinois uses a set of guidelines to determine the correct amount of child support each parent should pay. The idea behind such guidelines is to make sure that the child gets the financial support that is needed from both parents in order for the child to maintain a similar standard of living as the child would have had if both parents had been living in the same home. The guidelines also ensure that parents are treated consistently no matter which judge they are in front of.

Stalking is a disturbing form of domestic violence

Although it might not involve any actual violence or even verbal abuse, "stalking" entails a person doing certain things to let the victim know that he or she is always there and watching them. It is a behavior designed to intimidate and cause a victim to fear for his or her safety, and is thus a form of emotional abuse.

Why a divorce can be healthy for your children

One of the most common reasons why a couple in an unhappy marriage stays together is for the children. Research has shown, however, that staying together in a possibly unhealthy or toxic relationship can be detrimental to the wellbeing of the children. Staying together for the sake of the children is often not the best way to proceed. Children have a keen sense of awareness. They know when a relationship has gone sour. Allowing children to be exposed to an unhealthy relationship can do more harm than good.

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