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A 'gray' divorce presents unique complexities

Divorce was once seen as taboo, especially for those who had been married a long time. However, these days divorce is much more socially acceptable and even couples who had been married for decades may decide that, as life went on, they became incompatible and it is best they go their separate ways. In fact, the Pew Research Center reports that "gray divorces" -- that is, divorces of people age 50 or over -- have grown twofold over the previous 25 years. However, as some Waukegan couples may find, the longer a couple is married, the more complex their divorce might be.

How does Illinois law address grandparents' rights?

Whether it is baking cookies with grandma or going fishing with grandpa, children in Waukegan often benefit from a grandparent's love. Grandparents pass on their wisdom to their grandchildren, and provide a sense of history and belonging. The grandparent-grandchild relationship is important to nurture. However, sometimes this relationship is disrupted, and a grandparent is being kept away from his or her grandchild. When this happens, grandparents in Waukegan may wonder if they have the right to go to court to pursue visitation rights.

Bill allows domestic violence victims to keep their phone number

Sometimes it may not seem so obvious why a person in Illinois remains in an abusive relationship. However, simply packing up and leaving is not always so easy. This is because, in addition to the emotional abuse and physical abuse the victim has suffered, the abuser often exercises a certain amount of control over the victim, including financial control.

Stepparent adoption and blended families

Families in Waukegan come in all shapes and sizes. As divorce and remarriage becomes more acceptable and common place in our society, many parents and children live in blended families. Sometimes the bond between a stepparent and stepchild is as strong as if the stepchild was born to the stepparent. Stepparents in these situations may wonder if it is possible for them to formally adopt their stepchild.

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