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Help is available for those seeking a child support modification

Children in Illinois depend on the support of both of their parents, both emotionally and financially. Of course, it costs money to raise a child in a healthy and supportive environment. For the benefit of the child, when the child's parents are no longer in a relationship with each other, either due to divorce or a break-up, the noncustodial parent will usually be ordered to pay child support.

Paying child support in the digital age

In today's digital age, gone are the days when a noncustodial parent must mail a check for child support. While that is still an option, these days noncustodial parents in Illinois can pay their child support obligations over the phone, with a credit card online or have payments automatically deducted from their bank account.

Domestic violence programs may receive funds under new bill

The stopgap budget passed in in Illinois in 2016 may be a band-aid on what is a deeper issue, but it did not allocate any funds to domestic violence programs. This is a very dangerous situation, as often victims of domestic violence are facing life or death situations. Without the appropriate programs available, many domestic violence victims would be unable to leave their abuser, a situation no one in Illinois should be forced to be in.

Child support changes looming for Illinois parents

Child support has always had the potential for conflict. Settling on an amount that was deemed fair by both of the child's parents was often difficult, especially considering that each parent's case is unique, and doesn't necessarily fit well into a formula or algorithm. Sometimes it would even result in one parent's refusal to pay the other parent what is owed. However, child support laws in Illinois are on the brink of significant changes.

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