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What to bring when leaving an abusive relationship in Illinois

Domestic abuse comes in many shapes and sizes. It includes physical abuse, emotional abuse and financial abuse, among other types of abuse. Being stuck in an abusive relationship can be toxic to a person's well-being, but victims of domestic abuse in Illinois may fear leaving their relationship or may believe there is no way out.

Child custody and the right of first refusal

It is only natural that both a child's parents will want to play an active role in the upbringing of their child, even after a divorce. This means that oftentimes both parents in Illinois are awarded parenting time. However, what if, during one parent's parenting time, that parent must leave the child in the care of another for an extended period of time? The other parent may not feel it is fair to have a third-party care for his or her child, even if that time is not his or her normal parenting time. This is when the "right of first refusal" comes into play.

It is important for divorcing spouses to understand alimony

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is often a paramount concern in many divorces. Divorcing couples are able to reach an agreement concerning alimony themselves but if they are unable to do so, the family law court can determine how spousal support will be awarded. The court seeks to reach a fair and equitable settlement and will evaluate certain considerations to determine alimony.

How are child support obligations enforced in Illinois?

Child support obligations are important for parents to take seriously. If a non-custodial parent fails to make required child support payments according to a child support order, they can face significant consequences. In Illinois, parents may wonder what these potential penalties and consequences are. There are several different child support enforcement methods that may be applied in circumstances when there has been a failure to pay child support.

What does a stalking no contact order do in Illinois?

It is an unfortunate reality that certain relationships in Illinois go beyond simple disagreements and become aggressive and violent. Domestic violence is something that can cause significant damage to a family and lead to long-term issues and emotional distress for the victims. If a couple is no longer together, one spouse might be accused of stalking the other. State law has certain steps that a victim can take, including a stalking no contact order. Understanding what is in this order is imperative to provide protection and make certain there are no violations.

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