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February 2017 Archives

Key points to remember at the end of a marriage in Illinois

Getting a divorce in Illinois can be a difficult matter to deal with, but this is made worse if the participants do not take certain steps before moving forward with the end of the marriage. Prior to getting a divorce, there are unavoidable emotions that will come to the forefront, but that should not hinder the spouses from ensuring that their financial future has been considered and is accounted for. Doing so can assist with the process and make an unavoidably difficult time easier.

Dealing with the end of a marriage when the couple has a business

Illinois couples who are coming to the end of a marriage will have a great deal to consider on a personal basis before even thinking about how a family business might be affected. But, this situation does arise quite frequently. There are numerous factors that go into the building of a business. When a couple that was involved in a business chooses to divorce, a dispute can be unavoidable. The value of the business, problems separating the finances involved, and perhaps selling the business are all issues that may come up. Having an idea of how to navigate this situation is key.

Fathers' rights group seeks equal parenting time in Illinois

A concern that many fathers have about Illinois family law centers around the frequency with which the mother is given primary custody of a child after the couple has parted ways. Even if there is a dispute between the parties, the mother is likely to receive the bulk of custody with the child. Some fathers are pushing back against this with an attempt to change the legislation and receive more time with their children. The group "Dads Can Too" wants to receive 50-50 custody

Illinois Supreme Court rejects appeal in high asset divorce

Any divorce in Illinois will have a number of issues that have to be settled, but this is particularly common when there is a substantial amount of money at stake. With a high asset divorce, the dispute can be ongoing and contentious. Certain disagreements with property division are inevitable at the end of a marriage, but during a high asset divorce, these can spiral into a long and seemingly endless battle. This is particularly true when one spouse receives an unexpected windfall.

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