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Former U.S. Congressman Jackson files for divorce in Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Divorce is an unfortunate aspect of life and it can affect people from all different circumstances in Illinois. It does not discriminate and will happen to those who are prominent in the public eye just as easily as it does to those who are more understated in the workaday world. Regardless of the situation, those who are considering the end of a marriage or are in the middle of a divorce must make sure that they are protected by a lawyer from start to finish.

Jesse Jackson Jr., the former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and son of the well-known civil rights leader, has filed for divorce from his wife Sandi. The couple was once well-known in politics as he was in congress and she was an alderman in Chicago. They had legal problems in 2013 when they pled guilty to spending a quarter-of-a-million dollars of campaign funds on items for their personal use. They each received prison sentences that were to be served separately so one could stay with the children while the other was incarcerated.

The papers for the divorce were filed without a cause listed. Although Mr. Jackson is living in Washington D.C. with his children, the filing was made in Illinois. Mr. Jackson would like significant parental responsibility. Mrs. Jackson has 30 days to file for an appearance in court and respond to the filing. The amount of time this divorce will take depends. It can be completed as quickly as three months or take several years.

With any divorce, there are numerous issues that must be navigated. If there are children, that must be dealt with. There can be property division, financial ramifications, business interests and other factors that will come to the forefront and might not have been considered before. These must be taken into account no matter the emotional feelings that often accompany the end of a marriage. For legal help in handling these circumstances, a lawyer is imperative.

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