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Can I get a simplified divorce in Illinois?

Since many Illinois divorces are contentious with an endless list of items and issues in dispute, it can be viewed as somewhat unusual if a couple simply decides to pursue the end of a marriage without a fight. While many divorces are laced with struggle, an amicable divorce is more common than many believe. This is why it is important to understand how to have a joint and simplified dissolution of marriage. With this procedure, the couple can end the marriage quickly provided they meet the necessary criteria.

Illinois high asset divorce focuses on wife's lifestyle needs

Divorce legal issues are inevitable in all but the most amicable divorces, and that is especially true when it is a high asset divorce with significant items being contested during property division. Those who are planning to get a divorce and have substantial assets, make a lot of money, or desire to keep certain items from before and after the couple married need to have a grasp on the litany of factors that go into a divorce of this magnitude. These are often in the news as they involve famous or prominent people.

Can Illinois family mediation help with a dispute?

When there are family legal issues in Illinois, the first thought is to go to court to try and settle them. This is especially true if there are significant factors that are in dispute, such as custody of children. However, another option that is available is the Family Mediation Program. Knowing whether this is a potential method to settle family law issues is important before moving forward with it.

Divorcing couple in dispute over Cubs World Series tickets

Divorce in Illinois can be complicated regardless of the circumstances. In most cases, with the end of a marriage, there might be a dispute over a variety of issues, and these will generally fall into certain categories, with the courts growing accustomed to unusual requests when it comes to property division. However, with various pieces of property, there might be sentimental attachment, the desire to retain an item, or something that is constrained by situational factors and time constraints. Regardless of what the couple is battling over as part of its divorce legal issues, legal help may be one of the keys to any case.

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