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Divorcing couple in dispute over Cubs World Series tickets

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Divorce in Illinois can be complicated regardless of the circumstances. In most cases, with the end of a marriage, there might be a dispute over a variety of issues, and these will generally fall into certain categories, with the courts growing accustomed to unusual requests when it comes to property division. However, with various pieces of property, there might be sentimental attachment, the desire to retain an item, or something that is constrained by situational factors and time constraints. Regardless of what the couple is battling over as part of its divorce legal issues, legal help may be one of the keys to any case.

Married fans of the Chicago Cubs who were waiting for the team’s first trip to the World Series in seven decades went to court over tickets to the fourth game of the series. The woman, who is estranged from her husband, filed an emergency petition for the tickets which were in the man’s possession at the time. Each parent sought to take their son, 12, to the game. According to the man’s attorney, he purchased the seats as a benefit of his season ticket plan, prior to the divorce proceeding. The court determined that the man could retain the tickets, but he also had to buy a ticket for his wife in a section of Wrigley Field that was deemed “comparable” to the tickets he had. On a ticket selling website, such seats cost approximately $3,000. It was not clear as to whether or not he adhered to the order.

Many divorce cases center around imperative issues such as custody of a child, how much will be paid in child and spousal support, visitation and the like. However, simply because a dispute might seem to be less important than the above-listed issues does not mean that it is irrelevant. People might have collections they want to keep, heirlooms that they believe are theirs and more. It is not frivolous to seek certain items that an individual believes are important.

In this case, a couple that is in the middle of a divorce was fighting over tickets to a historically unique event: the Cubs in the World Series. Those who might be under the impression that their desires are not crucial when they are getting a divorce should take heart knowing they have the right to pursue what they want in a proceeding. A legal professional experienced in a number of cases may be able to help.

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