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October 2016 Archives

Former Bulls star in midst of high asset divorce with wife

When someone who was prominent in any endeavor ends a marriage, it is likely there will be a significant amount of money involved, concerns over property division, alimony and the inevitable issues of whether or not prenuptial agreements are valid or not.

What can an order of protection do to stop domestic violence?

Domestic violence happens all too often in Illinois and across the entire U.S. While there are many ways in which abuse can take place, such as physical abuse and emotional abuse, those who are victimized might not know what they can do to put a stop to it. Fear and the misapplied belief that law enforcement or the legal system can only stop the problem for a brief time might lead to a person who should seek help choosing not to do so. Understanding how a protective order can help is the first step to pursuing such a remedy.

Man wrongfully imprisoned embroiled in high asset divorce

There can be many different ways in which divorce legal issues can come to the forefront. In some instances, these problems regarding a divorce can give rise to a unique situation. It is not uncommon for a high asset divorce to lead to a contentious back and forth as to what each spouse is entitled to and will get what from the marriage. Some of these cases can be newsworthy. Regardless, when getting a divorce with significant assets, having legal assistance is an imperative to be fully protected.

Bearing financial implications in mind during a divorce

Divorce in Illinois is something that happens quite frequently. While it is unfortunate for a couple to come to the end of a marriage, there are benefits in that the contentious nature of a failing marriage can stop once the difficult decision is made to move on. That said, a divorce can lead to significant financial problems for both parties. It does not have to be a high asset divorce for this to be the case. When a couple is parting ways, there are certain things they should remember to avoid financial disasters during and after the process.

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