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A way to clear the record of delinquent child support payments

When a parent in Illinois fails to live up to his or her obligation to make child support payments on time and in full, there will likely be a pursuit by child support enforcement to collect on the delinquent payments. Many penalties are possible, including the garnishment of wages and even the threat of jail. Some parents who have had legitimate problems preventing them from keeping up with the payments might believe that there will be a sword hanging over them forever with the accompanying stigma of not living up to the most important obligation of adequately caring for a child. There is, however, a way to have the past due child support removed from the record through the "Clean Slate" program.

What are caretaking functions to follow in child custody?

When parents in Illinois are in dispute over child custody or other factors involved with the child's care, there are many underlying issues that must be taken into account. It is not simply about which parent will have the child when and how this will be navigated and settled. Certain portions of the agreement are inherent as to how the child will be cared for and if the best interests of the child are met. Included in that are the caretaking functions of the parent. Knowing what is entailed in these caretaking functions and, particularly, if they are not being met, is a key factor in the case.

Family law issues and the declaration of invalidity of marriage

While an Illinois couple deciding to part ways and end a marriage, it is generally a matter of choice. However, there are certain instances in which the marriage itself will be declared invalid. This could have an affect on other aspects of the union and open up a host of other family legal issues. Understanding how and why a marriage can be declared invalid and how to deal with such a circumstance is important.

Navigating a family legal dispute in Illinois

People in Illinois who have gone through a divorce and did not receive a result that was satisfactory to them might be under the impression that they have little recourse to deal with these complicated family legal issues. A hard fought divorce is frequently rife with a multitude of factors that are in dispute. When the decision is made by the court, there are options to try and appeal to seek a better result. Knowing how to go about this is often contingent on having sound legal advice.

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